How to Prepare and Ship a Car

From time to time, people move from one area to another. In other circumstances, you may want to move goods or any other property. It thus requires them to have proper measures put in place of how you and your assets will move. In the US, car shipment is not new. Many people have however found themselves in big problems due to failure to prepare properly for car shipment. They, in turn, end up paying extra cash or having inconveniences such as delays, car damage among others. California auto transport involves many vehicles and as such proper preparations will go a long way in ensuring that your car reaches the intended destination in good shape and at the required time. This article will discuss how to prepare and ship a car.

Clean your car and note existing damage

Washing your car is the first you should arrange for before ship. Ensure your car is washed before the shipping day and inspect it for any existing dents or scratches as well as discoloring or paint chips. Washing your car allows you to note the scratches available before shipping. Ensure you record existing damages accurately –you can take photos for accuracy. You will use the recorded information to compare the condition of the car at the destination to note any damages added during the transport.

Remove valuable products

To lower the chances of theft, ensure that the valuable items are kept safe. Such items include custom-made products, stereo systems, GPS systems and so forth. You should as well disable or remove custom alarm systems if any. Small and valuable items are prone to getting the loss but can be secured by removing them from the car.

Secure loose parts

If your car has any loose parts that are removable, especially, the exteriors remove and keep them safe before handing your car to the shipping company. Remember to fold the side-view mirrors son that they are not damaged during the transport.

Maintenance checks before shipping

For operable vehicles, consider having a maintenance check before shipping it. The check allows you to note any mechanical problem the car could be having. Such problems can cause delays during the shipping and as such, they should be disclosed to the trucker to avoid any inconveniences.

Empty the gas tank

The trucker will not drive your car during the transposition; a full tank is not needed. Fuel is only required during loading and off-loading. Having a full tank thus only increase the load carried by the carrier.

Get an extra set of keys

The trucker will require keys to open your car when need be. You cannot give out the only set of keys you have. Having another set just in case of anything is prudent.

Be sure to get the relevant documentation

Before handing over the car to the trucker, ensure you have all relevant document detailing the shipment. You may find yourself in trouble with various authorities of which the documents can be great significance.

Proper arrangements will always ensure you ship your car with convenience. Always make your time to ensure everything is set before you can have your car transported.